Hi 아가세, welcome to my fan fiction about Lim Jaebeom, the leader of the famous K-pop group named GOT7. This fan fiction is inspired by Jaebeom’s ego, Def. Les Passions Froides is love story about Jaebeom and a special girl.

🇬🇧 version

Jaebeom is a young man emotionally paralized by his past. He has to learn forgiveness. His sentimental odyssey is the fruit of a multitude of questions. In order to overcome his trust issues, Jaebeom will have to open his heart and fall in love for the first time.

🇫🇷 version

Jaebeom est un jeune homme émotionnellement paralisé par son passé. Il doit apprendre à pardonner. Son odyssée sentimentale est le fruit d’une multitude de remiss en questions. Afin de surmonter ses blocages affectifs, Jaebeom devra tomber amoureux pour la première fois.

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