Chapter 3 : When I Met Her

The thing that pisses me off the most when I meet a girl is this question of timing. If I go too fast, they get scared. And when the relationship evolves slowly, they get bored… What can I do about it? She makes me want to play. And what will people say? A love in black and yellow, is it…
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CHAPTER 2 : Doubts

“What exactly happened? Did you see her?” “She called me with a number I didn’t recognise. She said she was sorry and wanted to see me.” “How do you feel?” “How do I feel? Are you kidding me or what? I want to hurt her so that she feels how I feel, how I have felt all these years.” “Beyond…
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Chapter I

Jaebeom grabs his phone to check the time and at the same time he receives an unknown call. Surprised, he hesitates to pick up the phone although he is curious to know who it could be at such an hour. But before the call went to voicemail, he picked it up. “Hello?” “Jaebeomi, it’s me.” “You?! You what? At this…
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