When assertiveness comes into the place

A couple of months ago, I was bored on Badoo. No one interested me, the men that liked my profile were not my type. Although I am not complicated when it comes to physical apparence, I had a pretty hard time finding someone worthy of my attention.

All of this was before I met Joris. Joris was twenty-six years old man. White dude with glasses on and a big smile on his face— he only had one picture on his profile. When I noticed that he liked my photos, my heart was fulled of excitement. I was so happy that my pictures had caught such a charming guy’s attention that I started screaming and dancing. I remember telling myself ‘finally someone with whom I can talk to’. Just for the reminder, I love men that immediately give the impression of the ‘perfect son-in-law’. But, maybe I should stop liking them because, with them, love stories never last. Bruh!

No suspens here, it was just about sex.

Haven’t I told you that I only attract classy white men just for sex? What is wrong with me? Am I the only one? I know I am not. But, please can someone help me? I need answers!

Right after asking me how I was doing, he went straight to the point.

“I am not looking for something serious.“

“ Boy, why?“ I asked while blood tears were sliding along my cheeks..

Yes, I am a drama Queen and I am proud of IT!

His response was nothing new, the same bullshit. It always seems that men are the only ones to ‘go out of a long-term relationship’. I mean, why do they all use the exact same excuse to not date women seriously?

Is there a saying that says men who get into two committed relationships in the row will be doomed and forbidden to enter heaven?

Seriously, I need to know! Why can’t a man can engage himself into another committed relationship after a break-up ?

Well, I guess they just want to relax. But why would they use women as a relaxation? Do I look ‘easy’ to white men? What’s wrong my profile photos ? I am not showing my tits though!

Fighting for my vaginal’s rights

Yes, always.

I detest being asked to be a sexfriend. It kills me inside, no joke! Let me gather my thoughts and explain you why I hate it so much. Honestly, If I have to choose between being an escorte girl or a sexfriend. I will definitely choose being an escorte girl. Here’s why.

When a woman tolerates being a friend-with-benefits she in fact accepts giving the Gfe for free. What is the ‘girlfriend experience’ ?

It’s simple, if a man wants my company fo fun then he has to pay for it otherwise he has to date me. There’s no vaginal services without emotional reciprocity. I assume that a lof of women love giving the Gfe to broke men but it’s not my case.

Joris better like me first if he wants the cookie !

More seriously, I had to explain him why it was impossible for me to accept his offer. At first, he thought that I was only refusing his proposition just because I was assuming that he was rude guy— which made him upset.

He asked me to open my legs two minutes after he talked me to and now, he’s the one who is upset? Oh lord, what a gaslighting…

We stopped to talking but guess what, he came back to me several weeks after.

He wanted to « check if I was still serious girl » these were his words.

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