The benefits of waiting before sex

A couple of months ago, I have explained why, according to me, you should not sleep the first date. I know how difficult and complicated dating can be especially after a break-up or a long-term monogamy relationship. When you start to incorporate easy sex in your dating life, you better know that there is no return. Indeed, cheap sex has consequences. And, sometimes it may explain why you are still single. Denying or neglecting its impact in your dating life is not acceptable anymore. In fact, early sex, whatever you want to call it, has to be severely restricted when you are looking for commitment.

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The timing does not matter.

I’ve heard too many times that how long you wait until you start having sex does not matter. Apparently, men won’t judge you if you have sex with them early in the dating stage.

Well, if I were a man who he is not looking for a committed relationship, I will also spread the rumour that early sex in a relationship does not matter. After all, that’s all I want so the sooner it happens the better it is, right?

Single women should stop thinking that in 2021, sex does not matter because it does and it always will.

Have you noticed that the more sexually active a woman is and the more delusional she becomes when it comes to her dating expectations?

Please, continue to read to discover why the wait is also sexy.

You will be less disappointed if he ghosts you.

Yes, you heard me. You will be less disappointed if he ghosts you. When you date a man who only wants you in his bed, he is less encline to invest himself emotionally and financially for the long run. But don’t get me wrong, I know that there are some women out there who had met men that waited several months to give the cookie and had been ghosted right after they got what they wanted.

What I am saying is, the men that slept with you and then left you are not the ones that you have seduced but those you have been seduced by. When a woman is terrible at seducing a man, she sleeps immediately after the first couple of dates only because she does not know how to keep a man’s interest.

With that being said, if you try to seduce a man but he ghosts for no obvious reasons then you’ll have nothing to be disappointed about.

If you have the choice, will you choice to feel disappointed by a man or be disappointed by yourself? Keep that question in mind next time that you will meet a guy. What can you do to keep a man’s interest without having sex with him ?

Regrets after sex are real.

Let’s be honest today, how many times have you feel regrets after sex? I have and there is nothing more unpleasant than it. Regrets after sex occur when you have yielded to the temptation.

He was not your type. You knew it was not right, it didn’t feel right because the guy’s company was shitty as fuck from beginning to the end. But for some reasons, you have had let yourself go. And at the end, the sex was not even good but it’s too late because the damage is done.

And, for some women, the story goes on and on. Please, put an end to it. You have not doomed to have multiple sex with no emotional connection. Regrets after sex manifest how low your self-esteem was before you left your house.

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A man’s sexual performance is not your main interest.

One ex girl friend of mine told me that she loves having sex right on the first date so she can make sure that his bedroom skills are on point. In others words, she firstly prefers connecting with the opposite sex through sex rather than creating an emotional bound . She said: ‘I don’t want to loose my time liking someone who is not able to make me cum’. I remembered being shocked and highly disappointed of her. Although, she is not the only one to think like this, I have to admit that it always sounds unattractive to me when women treat men as sextoys.

And to all these women who think of men like vibrators stop claiming that you look for ‘a serious relationship’. Whether you like or not: if you are not a predator then you’re the prey in today’s dating culture.

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