5 ways to appreciate aloneness and make it special


Feeling alone, what an experience! No matter your age and your social status are, we all feel alone at some points of our lives. Contrary on what people may think, feeling alone is healthy. It’s disturbing, painful and scary but most importantly, natural. You may wonder why being alone is self-care although it hurts. Well, being alone is self-care because it gives you the time that you need to take care of you— emotionally and physically. Being alone helps you do the inner work. That’s why, aloneness is positive and challenging. Instead of putting yourself down because you feel alone, start to appreciate aloneness.

#1. Enjoy your company

I am aware that you may make the difference between being alone and feeling alone. When you feel alone, it’s the signal that something in your life is wrong. Most of the times, this feeling accompanies depression. But, generally, you feel that way when you feel misunderstood. So, I want you right now to stop neglecting what hurts you inside. Self-care is also about dealing with emotions, those we don’t verbally or physically express. The time has finally come to start enjoying your own company and stop having unrealistic and toxic expectations about others. Meet your own needs and learn doing things for yourself and by yourself.

#2. Be your own bestfriend

The best conversations that you can have are with yourself. You have the power to get to know yourself in a way that nobody else will. Use this power to create within yourself the best friendship ever. Make a list of all the things that you expect from a friend and try to give you all the emotional support that you need. We all tend to give up on our power to count on others. Instead of completely rely on your friends, be your own best friend. No one can be available for you as much as you. So, put yourself first— at least, as often as you can.

#3. Take care of yourself

When your head is full of questions, the only cure is getting answers. When I feel alone, I like listening to podcasts about Personal development or read book that will help me to find answers. To sump, taking care of yourself can also be regarded as finding the solution to your problems. As matter of fact, the more you will put efforts into understanding yourself and the less you’ll feel misunderstood. The less misunderstood you’ll feel and the more confident you’ll be when it comes to be alone. You can be happy just the way you are and by your own. Happines comes from within.


#4. Love yourself harder

Self-protection shouldn’t come from a place of fear but love. We protect what we love and we cherish what we protect. So, when you feel alone, the first thing that you should do is loving yourself harder. In that state, you are vulnerable that is why you need to repeat yourself positive affirmations. Positives affirmations when you are hurt are effective. It make you heal faster because it help you evacuate all the negativity and the guilty that you may carry due to the fact that you feel alone. Use this time to take care of yourself. Nothing better than a pamper day or week-end. Build a special routine that makes you feel good and reproduce it everytime that you feel low about yourself. It could be meditation, going to the spa, getting to the shower or getting in a bath. Anything that pleases you and helps you falling in love with youself again.

#5. Change, flourish & thrive

Feeling alone is the best time to make some change in your life. Find out what your values and your goals are and most importantly what makes you happy. Get rid of toxic people and/or habits. Try new things and change your mindset. You can create the life that you desire if you start appreciating aloneness. Try for 30 days an introvert experience and observe what happens.

I hav been feeling and being alone the most majority of my life. Some days are not that easy but I can guarantee you that aloneness has always play a big role in my most significative change. Through books and introspection I have succeeded in modifying my mindset. I wish you the best. Whenever you or feel alone, please make it special.

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