Why you should not sleep on the first date

Dating apps keep helping the liberation of women’s sexual desire. In our days, women are expected to express their sexual needs just as much as men. Indeed, having different sexual partners for both genders is widely tolerated. Nevertheless, having sex too soon with a man is still controversial. Many are the people who will assume that having sex on the first date is not a big deal.

As a matter of fact, will you agree that is paradoxical not to want to engage sexual encounters with the opposite sex but still have sex on the first date? But, what means the expression ‘having sex too soon’? Does the timing matter in a relationship? Is having sex on the first date something to absolutely avoid? And what if it happens, what should you do? Before we try to find a way out because you think that you gave yourself too quickly. Here are the reasons why you should not sleep on the first date.

Get to know him first

On a first date, you should focus on getting to know the guy. I bet you don’t want to discover two weeks after you both had sex that he’s married or in fact, bisexual. Passion does not keep a man. And after three years of just sex, lust disappears. Sleeping right away on the first date is one of the best ways to ruin a relationship before it even starts.

Moreover, sex is not the most incredible intimacy that you can get from a man; communication is. Communication is a skill that you must develop in your future relationship. Learn how to communicate with your significant other. If you do so, you will understand him better. The more you will work on the foundations of your relationship which are: trust, communication and the support your couple will be. In my opinion, it’s a shame to look for a serious relationship but having sex on the first date. Please do not make the mistake to treat your potential boyfriend as a one-night-stand because he may behave like one.

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You can date without having sex

As grown women, we are supposed to differentiate what we want from what we need. What we need is what we wish to, but the opposite is not valid. Do you need sex on the first date or do you want it? Please don’t lie to yourself. Stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again. There is nothing worse for a man than spending the night with a girl and then get a text message from her saying that she regrets everything.

Sex is a decision, not an obligation. Do not have sex if you are not ready. Men are not like us. They have to invest themselves (emotionally and financially) into a girl to love her. They don’t settle for ‘potential’. So be irreplaceable from the beginning. The ugly truth that no one tells you about sex on the first date is that it is a desperate move.

A man will always have respect for a girl who refuses herself to him. But, he will lose interest in a girl who is not able to do so. Take accountability for your actions, to blame the guy or alcohol. Sex is irreversible; there is no coming back.

Sleeping on the first date can lead to regrets

Sex is a men’s game. If you do not play by the rules you will lose. Stop wasting your vagina and your holy juice on emotionally unavailable men.

Follow these donts:

  • Don’t try to compete with his ex sexually.
  • Do not use sex as a way to put pressure on a man who, you knew from the start, that he didn’t want something serious.
  • Avoid using your vagina as a weapon to be in a relationship.
  • Reducing yourself to a sexual object will not help you get the guy.

I am sure we are all guilty of it, who did not make these mistakes, at least, once? The experience of millions of women speaks louder than the lies you tell yourself. With that being said, when a guy wants no string attached, the last thing you want to do is opening your legs. If you sleep with him on the first date, how dare you ask for more? At this point, it’s pure madness or just human nature if he does not call you back.

Be confident enough to say no

Like I always say, a woman has to learn a very young age how to say ‘no’ and a man how to take rejection. These qualities are fundamental in dating. Most of the time, when a man is physically attracted to you he will try to sleep with you on the first date. It’s not a sign of rudeness but a way for him to show that he likes you. Nevertheless, if a man feels rejected by you because you say no, be careful of his behaviour.

The reason why you should not sleep on the first date is that you want to make sure that the guy you will give your cookie is a man of respect. Too many men take personally the fact that one refuses herself to them. By not having sex on the first date, you will either win 1 point or none. By saying ‘no’ you can easily foresee what are his real intentions towards you. A real man can enjoy spending the night with a woman without having sex even if he is not used to it. Always choose the man, not the animal.

Value yourself on the first date

The last reason that I will give you to convince you that you should not sleep on the first date is that you need to value yourself. No man should have the right to have access to your temple just because he fed you. I mean, some men sleep with women on an empty stomach whereas some at least, invite us for a drink – but it is still not enough. Try for once to elevate your expectations on the first date and see what happens. I am not saying that sleeping on the first date will block you from having a serious relationship. My point is that, sometimes, sexual frustration can be sexy too.

I have finally concluded that rare are the people who know about the art of seduction. When you are dating, there is nothing more exciting than the wait, the little games you both play to tease each other. To sum up, make the guy like you then desire you before having sex with him.

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Let me know what your best and worst sexual experiences on a first date are. What advice can you share to help us, women, to stop having sex one the first date? What can you tell about the art of seduction? What are your tips on it?

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