4 Dating manipulations: lies men tell us

When I was younger, I thought love was easy. It seemed to me that dating was as natural as breathing. So, when I started dating, I was very enthusiastic. But now that I am older, I can tell that my conception of dating has highly changed. The reason why I have changed my mind it’s because men lie. Dating is not natural. If it was then why would we need dating advice and love coaching? I bought several books about dating men. I feel like we never know enough about the opposite sex. In the past, I have made so many mistakes that made concluded that dating is very technical. Now, that I have learned my lessons, discover right now 4 dating manipulations: lies men tell us.

Be patient and give me time.

How many times did a man ask for your patience? And how many times did you believe him? If there is something that I have learned, the hard way is that men and women don’t have the same notion of time. The word’ ‘patience’ in a man’s mouth is a pure lie. You should know that men only ask for ‘time’ when they are not ready to commit to us. If he’s not prepared to engage with you today, he won’t be tomorrow.

On the one hand, he needs you to be patient because he knows that he can’t invest himself emotionally at the moment. But on the other hand, he knows that he can’t afford to lose you because you provide him with emotional safety. He makes you believe that he needs time to figure everything out… By the way, asking for ‘time’ is the best way to gain some. With that being said, when a man wants a woman, he makes himself emotionally available right away. Please note that in 2020 the wait is over!

It is not working because you are too demanding.

When a man wants to take advantage of a woman, he tells her that she’s too demanding. This phrase can be regarded as a light form of gaslighting. In our days, men get the cookie without courting us. Sex became so easy to get that they are not even conscious of how disrespectful they can be. So, be ready to meet idiots who will claim to want you but will show no interest in courting you. These men think this way: ‘I can fuck for less, who do you think you are?’

When a man tells you that you are too demanding, you should run away. It is again another dating manipulation. Never trust a man that thinks setting rules for yourself is something extra. Never trust a man that makes you believe that respect is too much to ask. Men that have nothing to bring to the table say that women are too demanding. Don’t make the mistake to lower your standards, just run away. You deserve emotional reciprocity. And if, that is too much to ask, then tell him

I want nothing serious, but I am still ready for the one.

This lie is the best way to turn a potential girlfriend into a sexfriend with our her noticing it. Generally, when a man says so what do you think? That you still have a chance. Immediately, you start thinking of all the strategies that you can think of to get the guy. However, if you think carefully about this situation, you will be able to foresee the manipulation. Men are the only ones who have to court us, make plans and build strategies to get us. But because you are desperate to be in a relationship, you can’t even see you are getting fooled.

Now, men act like women; they do mind games to get what they want. Be smatter and wiser. If you meet a guy that tells that, please don’t nourish the idea of making him change. A woman does not make a man change. A man only changes if he wants too. This means that boys will be boys…

Don’t listen to the ego that is deceiving you. He won’t change for you. Should I remind you that you are not that exceptional? This type of men want sex and can’t see women differently. They are not serious about commitment; on the contrary, that is exactly what they run away from.

I am done playing around now; I want something serious.

When a man wants something serious, he makes it very clear. A man who desires a formal relationship will never say something that will jeopardise his real intentions. Moreover, as a woman, you don’t need to know that he has been sleeping around.

In my opinion, this is another dating manipulation because it’s a way for men to get the girl to invest herself into a situationship. Please don’t get fooled by men who sound sincere because most of the time, they end up being better liars… I would say that they are not done playing around; they want to start playing you. Another red flag would be that after he told you that he acts differently or comes up with other excuses…

To conclude, I believe that the immense majority of men only want to hook up. The sex culture has impacted the quality of our relationships with the opposite sex. In our days, it is harder to find a man who wants to commit and invest himself emotionally. Now you know more about dating manipulations and lies.

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Please, tell me about your dating experience and the lessons you learned the hard way. I also invite you to join The Private Zone where I share more about my intimacy.

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